Colleague and friend program


IQD 100 million awaits you with colleague and friend program

Account opening requirement (Public sector salary transfer):

  • Nationality certificate and national ID or unified card.
  • Residency card.
  • Personal photo.
  • Work ID card.
  • Passport if available.


Referral mechanism:

  • The referring person should be a client and has the bank’s mobile app active.
  • Send a text through the mobile app containing the information of the new client who wishes to transfer his salary (name, phone no. and workplace).
  • After receiving the new referred client’s first salary, the incentive will be credited for him/her and you for one time only.
  • If you have information of more than 5 prospects, please visit the branch.
  • If you were able to refer more than 4,000 new clients and they opened salary transfer accounts, you will have a chance to win IQD 100 million.
  • Incentive for the referring client:


One-time-only IQD 25 thousand.

Incentive for the referred client:

One-time-only IQD 50 thousand.