Ahli Kids Saving Account




Program’s purpose

§  A new savings account product for minors who have not reached the legal age, opened by their parents or legal guardian, to educate the child on finances and develop the saving in the national currency mindset to overcome future difficulties, and this account can become an investment for the child when they become adults.

§  Offers from places for kids and private schools, as well as entertainment competitions and a periodic prize plan.

§  Grants the customer an optional savings plan with an interest rate of 5% for the Iraqi dinar account, and 0% for the US dollar, as well as the option of dispensing with the interest rate (according to the customer’s desire).

Minimum amount

§         50,000 IQD



Customer’s savings plan with Ahli Kid account

This plan is granted to the customer as an initiative from the National Bank of Iraq based on the average salary in Iraqi dinars, which makes it easier to calculate the savings from the total salary percentage, as shown below:

Customer Average Salary (IQD)


Savings from Salary Percentage

Estimated savings amount in 8 years

Savings from Salary Percentage


Estimated savings amount in 8 years

Savings from Salary Percentage

Estimated savings amount in 8 years

500,000 800,000


4,800,000 - 7,680,000


5,760,000- 9,216,000


7,200,000 11,520,000 -

1,500,000 - 900,000

14,400,000  8,640,000 -

10,368,000 - 17,280,000

12,960,000 21,600,000 -



19,200,000 33,600,000 -

23,040,000 - 40,320,000

28,800,00050,400,000 -

4,000,000 +

38,400,000Starting from




Account opening terms

Customer age

The child  should be less than 18 years old

Account holder should be 18 years old and above

1- The child’s legal guardian can open this type of account presenting the court’s order of their guardianship of the child.

2- When the minor reaches legal age, the account is processed and transferred to any of the bank’s other accounts, and the Ahli Kid account gets closed.

3- The account becomes dormant after 6 years from the last transaction and gets classified as unclaimed funds after 7 years.

4- It is preferable that the savings account related to this product be in Iraqi dinars, where the account opening and maintenance, and minimum balance fees are zero. Subject to other commissions as per the commission schedule.

5- The interest rate is granted on accounts in dinar, according to the product policy, and no interest is granted on dollar accounts.

6- The account opener is to sign on a fixed periodic instruction form to transfer the agreed amount to the child’s account.

7- The documents required from one of the parents or the legal guardian:

ID card (civil status identity card) and Iraqi nationality certificate. These documents can be replaced by the unified national card  if available.

- Residency card.

- Work ID, if available

(Court decision) if the account holder is the child's legal guardian.


Account Prizes


Ahli Kids Discounts




Jannat Al-Mansour National Model School


Al-Manar Private Primary Schools Group


Uruk Private Schools Group


Early Learning Center


Al Benaa Model Private Schools


Barakat Hali Company (GECO)


Dania Games


super kids mart


Aleppo House Restaurant Group


Royal School